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Little Ebook ReviewsThu 28th November 2013

Thanks to Paul Little for his review on LITTLE EBOOK REVIEWS.  Here's an extract:


"Veritas Liberabit Vos is action packed and full of interesting undercurrents and in fact this is a story that gripped me from the beginning. I am a big fan of this sort of ‘what if’ fiction that takes into account some of the fringe aspects of the interpretation of our history".


"This work walks a swift pace through a large swathe of paranormal activity and combines it neatly with a broad band of characters and good old fashioned bad guys. In one sense some of the characters are relatively generic but that is not a problem because their approach to understanding a chance joint experience is what really matters. When we have the diversity of characters we are able to see the story from a number of different angles and it helps to bring rapid depth to the story".


The full review in on LITTLE EBOOK REVIEWS.

The BeginningSun 20th October 2013

This all began some time ago with some ideas that popped into my head. Ideas I wanted to pursue but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind by a long stretch; in fact, I was feeling washed out, dejected and jaded. Events transpired that gave me the chance to consider my path; I had an opportunity to continue on, but this time most likely onto the highway, but that didn’t feel right. I decided to take a side road, not knowing where this could lead; a dead end perhaps, or with hope, to somewhere more positive.

In the first week I developed those initial ideas; ideas chained off ideas and it began to grow. I made detailed plans, researched subject matter that I would weave into the story. I wanted to ensure authenticity and bring elements of historical truths alongside what is widely considered conjecture, or information that is not widely considered at all.

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