The Convergence of Science and Nature, As A Vodka Shot.

It’s easy to be cynical about the new collaboration between Jason Silva and Russian Standard Vodka.  It’s easy to be short-sighted.  Watching the video ‘Vodka As It Should Be’ for the first time is a shock to system: shivers down your spine syndrome, with a sinking feeling.  There is a sentiment that once you do TV ads, you are off the ‘Artistic Roll Call’ forever, but that does not ring true here - we’re not just munching on some potato chips.

Look at the content and it is quite plain to see this is Silva being true to his message; applying his imaginations and style to overcome the dreary, wearisome and exploitative ‘messages from sponsors’ that litter our screens.  He delivers his animated, insightful and thought provoking words in harmony with stunning images demonstrating the convergence of science and nature in action. 



It is a triumph in many ways.  It demonstrates how you can illicit wonder in the simplest of things.  Which is important is you are trying to break out of hedonic adaptation and seek ways to fill your days with inspiration.  This collaboration provides that catalyst.  The video’s creative composition in itself, surely scores high in artistic merit?  We have a campaign that attempts to engage the brain rather than the brawn.  It is a vehicle that unlocks the possibility of making new connections and a device to help trigger thought with an open mind.


This short video delivers more moments of awe than many feature length films manage.  It is a platform that extends Silva’s reach, enabling him to pluck us out from our comfort zone and springboard us towards the fantastic, the radical and an altruistic existence.  


If seeing this leads to but a single person being uplifted, then surely Silva has ‘mission accomplished’ and you know what, the odd vodka or two can be pretty awesome too.

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